Samsung Milk Music Android

  • Download 125370
  • Updated September 9, 2015
  • Version 1.5.1700012604
  • Size 15M
  • Producer Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd


What is Samsung Milk Music?

Samsung Milk Music is a free streaming radio service that offers a simple way to surface the music that is right for you. While some radio apps rely on formulas and algorithms, Samsung Milk Music leaves it up to your ears to lead your music discovery. With one interactive dial, users can quickly scan through 200+ stations programmed by music experts landing on the perfect music for the moment.

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Get Started by Spinning the Dial 
Turn the Dial quickly to jump through genres, slowly to move from station to station


Create Stations Based on Your Taste
Create artist or song-based stations to add more to the mix.

Customize Even More 
Make your stations even better by factoring in what you care about.

Share Your Favorites with Friends
Share the stations you like across your social network.

Listen Across Your Samsung Devices 
No matter where you’re logged in—on your phone, gear, or tablet—your listening history and preferences come with you.