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  • Updated September 30, 2015
  • Version 1.0.115
  • Size 15M
  • Producer Chaatz Limited


What is chaatz?

Chaatz is a Social Messaging app for users who have many mobile numbers, or wishes to have more than one profile. Chaatz also allows users to meet friends all over the world and can send secret messages. 

What’s interesting though is that this new messaging appChaatz, is a refreshing antithesis of the feature-packed platforms that are trending on the market currently. Chaatz does not look impressive at first glance — its interface is simplistic and unattractive looks-wise — and it only has the basic features that form the backbone of chat apps: text messages, voice recordings, only 10 stickers and a handful of voice effects.

However, what is unique about Chaatz is the ability to separate your online chat profile into different roles — basically you get what is known as a ‘Chaatz Number’ so you can keep your real phone number entirely anonymous. This means you don’t have to reveal your real number to people including marketing and sales personnel, work acquaintances or those whom you meet on your travels.

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Core features:
- ONE profile for all your devices and mobile numbers.
- Chat with your phone contacts from different sim cards using a single device.
- Connect globally and make new friends with Chaatz Connect and discuss your favorite
topics in our forum.
- Group chat, stay in touch with friends and family.

Power features:
- Meet new people from around the world.
- Keep your secrets safe.. Send SECRET MESSAGES that auto-delete after reading.
- Chaatz exclusive games.

- Optimized for low data usage.
- No hidden fees or in app purchases.
- Automatically connect you to Chaatz friends that are in your address book.
- Notifications and offline mode means you never miss a call or message.
- Privacy at the core. Just register with your mobile phone no personal
information required.