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  • Updated October 3, 2015
  • Version 2.47
  • Size 11M
  • Producer Instantly, Inc.


What is Ipoll?

Ever wish you could earn a few extra bucks while you shop at the store, buy coffee, or watch a movie? Grocery shopping is, after all, work, and it can't hurt to capture some cash while you roam the aisles. Check out the iPoll app, which is free for Apple and Android, and pays you actual cash for completing surveys.

Here's how it works: Once you download the app and sign up for an iPoll account, you'll give the app specific information about yourself that will then qualify you for certain surveys, which I've seen pay anywhere from ten cents to over $30.00 per qualifying survey.

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Features Include:
• Alerts when new missions are available
• Opportunities based on your location and profile including product reviews, in-store shopping experiences, ad testing and brand awareness
• Video, photo and audio capabilities for fun and interactive reporting
• Great reward catalogue to redeem your account balance that includes airline credits and gift cards redeemable at your favourite stores. You can access the reward catalogue at www.ipoll.com 
• More opportunities to earn rewards by taking online surveys at www.ipoll.com