Fantasy Defense 2 (Mod Money)

  • Download 2736
  • Updated 08/06/2015
  • Version 1.0.3.KG_mod
  • Size 74 MB
  • Producer NHN Entertainment corp


In the game, you play as a hero and join the battle to save Sanctum lands. The plot is almost not there, your simple task is to organize the army units in the appropriate position and try to destroy all monsters on the road. You can only pass when the screen and destroy all monsters of Sanctum ensure that HP still at a safe level. Game offers plenty soldier unit with 3 main categories including swordsmen, archers, mages. In 3 groups soldier unit is split into different levels to help you have more options in combat. In addition to 3 groups on, the game also gives players a guard with powerful special abilities. You can equip items for this unit and this will be the trump card which helps you overcome these tough screen.
Picture of the game is drawn in the style and bold 2d manga, you'll be voyeuristic with the warrior and the extremely hot hot girl. The game console is easy to view and reasonable layout. You will not bother tinkering to get familiar menu system of the game. Fighting effects of Fantasy Defense 2 also extremely eye-catching, the military unit with the specific skills to give battle the vibrant color and equally monumental.