Dragon Stadium

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  • Updated Nov 13, 2015
  • Version 1.5
  • Size 97.1M
  • Producer Dragon Stadium


What is Dragon Stadium?

You're in for an adventure! Enter the world of Dragon Stadium and harness its elemental powers to collect an incredible variety of unique dragons. Raise them, explore the groups of islands and conquer them all!

Video Dragon Stadium Game Review

- Build your islands and collect dragons of different elements
- Breed different elemental dragons to obtain the rarest of them all
- Feed and evolve your dragons levelling them up to reach their ultimate power stage
- Discover the elemental islands and progress on the map to complete all the quests
- Fight through individual chapters by defeating enemies, collecting coins and ultimately defeating the stage boss
- Swap between a team of up to three dragons, using the most powerful elements against different types of enemies
- Unlock achievements to get 3 stars and receive all the rewards